SePtember 11-18, 2019


vámonos a cuba!

Join us for our very first Dile Que NOLA-organized Cuba trip! We have several years of Cuba travel under our belts, and we have been dying to share our favorite spots and experiences with all of you! This year, we are heading to Havana and will be bringing Santiago over to play. Yes! The All Stars from Santiago de Cuba will be traveling all the way to Havana (opposite side of the island) exclusively to train us!

 Trip Cost:  $1800   |  Sign-up Deadline: July 1st  |  Max. 15 Participants

Non-refundable $500 deposit due July 1st | Balance due July 15th

 Your spot is ONLY secured upon receipt of your $500 non-refundable deposit.

Early Bird Price: $1700  |  Early Bird Deposit Due Before June 15th

What we will cover:

SEPTEMBER 11-18, 2019

Airfare from NOLA

Round-trip from New Orleans ONLY if booked before July 1st

If booking after July 1st, please contact us for flight details.

Walking Tour

In Cuba, they say "to know Havana, you gotta walk it."

Don't miss this local-guided walking tour of Old Havana.

Callejón de Hamel

On Sunday we will head over to El Callejón de Hamel for LIVE Rumba and Art. 

Daily Breakfast

No bagels or cereal here. In Cuba, breakfast is an all-natural morning ritual. Of course, topped with the famous Cuban coffee.

Casa Particular

"Casa Particular"is Spanish for Private Home. Experience Cuba the non-touristy way and

stay at a local's home. Double room accommodations ONLY. 

Varadero Escape

We will be spending one day in the world-renowned beach: Varadero. Lodging and 2-hr roundtrip transport included. 

Art Shopping

During our last few days in Havana, we will get a chance to visit the city's largest art market: Antiguos Almacenes San Jose.

Airport Transfer

Transport to and from Jose Marti International Airport and your "Casa Particular."

10 Hrs Workshops

10 hours of 1-on-1 dance instruction with Compania All Stars Santiago de Cuba. 

Yes, we are bringing them to Havana, just for you!

Pit Stop in Saturn

Go diving in "Las Cuevas de Saturno" (Saturn Caves). If you're not the swimming-in-chilly-water type, this is an ideal photo-op!

Group Dinner

We will schedule this according to our group plans, either a welcome or farewell dinner will be on us!

Cuba Travel Visa

All visitors are required to purchase a visa to be used

both for entry to and

departure from Cuba.



This will be my 5th time in Cuba, which has quickly become my 3rd home. I can't wait to show you my favorite spots! I am the one you want to contact regarding program questions.




This will be my second time traveling to Cuba. I am great with ensuring our program is air-tight and running smoothly. Contact me for schedule questions and I can help interpreting any Cuban lingo.




I live in Havana and am looking forward to showing you "The Real Cuba." My English is probably as good as your Spanish, but here - in Cuba - we always find fun ways to communicate!

Expert Guide



Compania All Stars Santiago de Cuba will be traveling to Havana to share their dance wisdom and show us a great time! Get ready to make life-long dance friendships with this talented group of instructors!

Dance Hosts


what you should budget for:

2 Meals Per Day

If you are cool with eating what the locals eat, $5-10 per meal is a safe bet. Otherwise, tourist-friendly meals range from $15-20.

Add an additional $10/day for snacks and refreshments.


This is Cuba, people! The land of RUM, daiquiris, mojitos, and delicious pina coladas! Each drink is about $2-4. So, if you know how much you drink per day, the math is pretty easy. A bottle of rum ranges from $6-15.

Extra Excursions

From scuba diving to  concerts to a city tour in a 1950s convertible, anything outside of our itinerary is on you. 

Private Lessons

Although we are having 1-on-1 instruction, this is your chance to truly focus on what YOU would like to learn. The All Stars reside 12 hours away from Havana. Take this opportunity to book a private lesson with your favorite instructor. Usually around $20-30/hr.

Art & Souvenirs

Every time we go to Cuba we are so proud of having spent only $500 of our personal expense budget - until we get to the art market! We don't know about you, but we love to buy art! And it's super cheap (compared to USA prices). Art fanatics bring about $300-400 solely for art.

Exchange Rate

As tourists, we will use CUC currency, also referred to as "pesos." The exchange rate is usually US$1 = 0.87 CUC. Yes, the CUC is worth more than a dollar. Remember, we cannot use US$ for any purchases. There is a third currency in Cuba to be aware of "Moneda Nacional" (MN) or "CUP", which is also referred to as pesos (this is where it can get confusing),and is valued at approximately

25 MN= 1 CUC. For now, just worry about CUC, as we will exchange our cash upon arrival.


Taxis are everywhere in Havana. You can catch a $10-15 taxi ride from El Vedado to Old Havana. During our daily free time, be wild and jump into a taxi with some friends for a chance to see and take in the magic of Havana.

Dance Outings

Entrance to dance venues vary from $5-10 per person. If we are going to concerts, it can go up to $25. If you would like your dance instructor to join you during a night dance outing, make sure to budget his/her cover and drinks, as well. The rule of thumb is: if we invite, we host.


Tips are HUGE in Cuba! $1-2 will go a long way. We usually tip our bartenders and servers. Also, at the end of our trip, we usually give a personal tip to our dance instructors and Casa Particular cleaning crew. $10 tips are great!


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